Other services

General services

  • Assistance in registration of vehicles;
  • Consultation on registration of driving licenses;
  • Assistance in passing the technical inspection;
  • Assistance in changing credentials, etc.
  • Provision of printing services;
  • Assistance in obtaining permission for construction carrying out of repair-building and installation works;
  • Assistance in the development of design estimates and architectural projects;
  • Assistance in similar land plots and real estate;
  • Assistance in the selection of real estate for the purpose of renting;
  • Consultations on real estate issues;
  • Assistance in the selection of vehicles for rent;
  • Assistance in meeting and seeing off guests;
  • Reservation of hotels in the country;
  • Organization of conferences, events, receptions, etc.;
  • Providing media services in Tajikistan;
  • Provision of services for system integration;
  • Assistance in purchasing office and other equipment;
  • Provision of a package of services with a flexible system of discounts, accredited persons in the Republic of Tajikistan.